ISBN 978-0-9872237-0-8
234x180mm, 160 pages
Illustrated, Paperback
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All the Pieces of Me

An Australian Family History

Jo Callaghan

What makes you the person you are? Have you inherited your mother's smile, your father eyes? Whose skin colour do you wear? Are you blessed with a grandmother's temperament? Will you unknowingly choose a path in life similar to your grandfather's? And from whom did all these relatives get their looks, behaviours and talents? You are a patchwork of family traits, which have been drawn into your genes through events, both predictable and random 'you are a unique' masterpiece.

All the Pieces of Me explores the lives and times of several generations of one person's ancestral families.

This story begins with the earliest immigrants to Australia from Ireland, Scotland, England and South Africa, arriving between the 1820s and the 1880s. They came as ship's crew and passengers, convicts and soldiers, farmers and milkmen, fortune seekers and entrepreneurs. Jo Callaghan tells us their individual stories, exploring their ordinary and extraordinary lives and the reasons they ventured across the seas to the new the world ... exploring pieces of Jo.